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Federal Government wants to wiretap the Internet … the fools

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is “going dark” as people increasingly communicate online instead of by

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OpenOffice frees itself from Oracle

Open sourcers have seized control of the OpenOffice project and product and declared their independence from database giant Oracle. The Project has unveiled a major restructuring that separates itself from Oracle and that takes responsibility for OpenOffice away from

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Even closer to kicking DirecTV to the curb !!!!

Roku announces a deal with Hulu to provide Hulu Plus Channel on there DVP. Between what I can get over the air, Netflix, Amazon VOD, and now Hulu Plus, that might be all the TV I need. Shooooot, If it

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Rumor has it that Amazon may build it’s own Android App Store

Similar to Verizon’s bold move it looks as it Amazon may be considering to launch it’s on App store on Android devices. To compete with Google’s own, and Verizon’s VCAST app store the Amazon app store will offer some perks

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Using Proguard to obfuscate your Android build

The Securing Android LVL Applications blog post makes it clear that an Android developer should use an obfuscation tool such as Proguard in order to help safeguard their applications when using License Server. Of course, this does present another question.

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Do you here this T-Mobile !!!

Verizon strengthened its prepaid offerings on Thursday, introducing prepay data plans for consumers who wish to use smart phones on a no contract basis. While the acquisition costs for those phones will be significantly higher, a customer would be free

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With every passing day, the computer display steals more eyeballs from the TV screen. So why do TV ad budgets still dwarf Internet ad budgets at major corporations? One reason is that major corporations are simply more comfortable with how

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Tree climbing robot snake

This is one of those things that s too cool not to mention. Not just because its a snake that can climb trees. But also because it is a modular robot that is made up of identical general purpose components,

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