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Comcast Pressures Netflix, Partner Level 3, to pay a bandwidth Toll

If anyone is at all wondering why Net Neutrality is essential to a free and open Internet I give you exhibit A Level 3, who recently signed a deal to become the primary provider for streaming Netflix content, was pressured

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Review: Huluplus on Roku

You may recall my exuberance when I heard that Huluplus would be available via the Roku DVP The new Huluplus channel on Roku is now active. I dutifully signed up for plus account gave it a spin, and it frankly underwhelmed me.

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COICA passes out of committee in the Senate

Every time a lawmaker gets ready to put forth legislation that effects the Internet I wince. This is because I know it was written in large part for large for-profit companies that wish to thwart the inevitable disruption of their

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