Madden 2011 coming to Droid X

Football fans can now rejoice thanks to the news that EA Mobile is bringing Madden NFL 11 to Android. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to purchase the game because it looks like it will be an exclusive for the Droid X and be included in the next software update from Verizon.

via Madden 2011 coming to Android via Droid X software update – Android and Me.

Bad move AE. Is there a pool on how many hours after this hits Verizon that there will be a pirate download of this game.

Amazon Working on Rival to Netflix Streaming-Only Subscription Service

Over the last year, Netflix has gone from a mail-order DVD subscription service to a streaming Internet video service. In the companys last quarterly report, it announced that streaming had surpassed DVDs as the preferred method for content delivery and just last month it began offering a streaming-only option in the U.S.Seeing this success, then, it doesnt come as a surprise that Amazon – the worlds largest Internet retailer – is looking to make a subscription-based, streaming-only option of its own to compete with Netflix.

via Amazon Working on Rival to Netflix Streaming-Only Subscription Service.

If all of the content that is available in Amazon VOD is available for the there their subscription service, THIS WOULD BE MONSTER.