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Google, TELL US WHEN !

Waaaay back in December, @googlenexus tweeted that The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks It’s been about 4 of those weeks and still no update. Google insists that there is no unexpected problems. Though that is curious because

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No Net Neutrality provisions in the Comcast NBC deal?

Comcast will retain NBC’s stake in Hulu, but is stripped of control January 18, 2011 |  1:49 pm Call it the Hulu Handcuff. The federal government is making sure that Comcast Corp. won’t be able to use its newfound clout when

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My Blackberry’s not working

dap: Nikki Stafford

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MetroPCS 4G Data Blocking Plans May Violate Net Neutrality | Epicenter |

This is why STRONG, FAIR, CLEAR Net-Neutrality rules need to be drafted. MetroPCS, the nation’s fifth largest mobile carrier, announced earlier this week it was offering new pay-as-you-go mobile data plans for its 4G network that would block online video

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