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New app, Colors, raises eyebrows & $41 Million Dollars

Have you heard of Color? Me neither before a couple of days ago. I think what’s got people’s keyboards clicking around the blogosphere and thumbs taping about the twitterverse is the fact that they raise $41,000,000. It is an incredibly

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Great interview of Entrepreneur Curtis Pope, CEO of

Black Web 2.0 posts a Robert Scoble interview of Curtis Pope, a young entrepreneur who founded, an online shopping site that helps you find items in the grocery store. This is really a great idea. Every time I go shopping, invariably two things

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Security breach at TripAdvisor

WARNING: If you use TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is the latest company to announce a security breach of its customer email addresses. The travel advice company has published limited details of the incident at, but is still investigating when the breach

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I’m definitely not sticking with AT&T after the merger

I just caught this from Everything Android: Let’s get this straight people. If I by a a piece of hardware. It’s MY piece of hardware. And it is correct for my to run ANY piece of software that I legally

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I’m going to miss T-Mobile when it’s gone

AT&T has begun cracking down on those subscribers who are tethering their laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to their smart phones for Internet access. The company began sending texts and e-mails to those it suspects are doing so without

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Amazon AppStore is open for business

The anticipated Amazon AppStore went live to day. And today only AngryBirds Rio is free. (I’m totally addicted to Angry birds) Apple filed it’s response with the US District Court of Northern California.

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T-Mobile 3G days are numbered

The big story in mobile today is about the AT&T T-Mobile merger. One thing this means for T-Mobile 3G customers is the loss of there 3G service. After the merger At&T plans to repurpose all of T-Mobile 3G spectrum for

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RIM and Mobile Carriers fight to hold our leashes

Near Field communication will soon come to mobile phones later this year. This technology can be used to enslave us. How this tech is implemented will decide who our master will be. Enslave is a strong word. But let me

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