Great interview of Entrepreneur Curtis Pope, CEO of

Black Web 2.0 posts a Robert Scoble interview of Curtis Pope, a young entrepreneur who founded, an online shopping site that helps you find items in the grocery store. This is really a great idea. Every time I go shopping, invariably two things happen:

  1. I grumble about how my wife can’t group things together on the grocery list that would be near each other in the store so I wouldn’t have to do a “full table scan” every time enter a new isle to see if there is something in this isle I need.
  2. I have to make a second pass through the store picking up the things that where in isle 3 but at the bottom of the list.


I have thought about about this problem several time but concluded that collecting the data would be too labor intensive, to make it worth while. I’m glad somebody else has tacked the problem and I wish you guys had data on the store that I use.

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  1. Bowmanave says:

    Never in all my working career have I worked for a person with such integrity.