When Legislators attack … the Internet

There are those who think that Net Neutrality, is a government takeover of the Internet, when it is actually reasonable regulation that preserves how the Internet works today. If one wants an example of a Government take over of the Internet … Google SOPA and PROTECT IP. These are disgusting set of laws that will give government and large media companies direct control of the DNS system in order to block users from accessing sites that are thought of being  places of piracy, as well as having their payment accounts canceled. I really can’t do this topic justice but please watch the below video. It explains it better than me.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.


Please contact you Senator and Congressmen in Washington and encourage them to appose these bills. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a great tool that will help you send a message to representatives in Washington. Please take advantage of it, and help put a stop to these lubricious ludacris laws.

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