Hello World!!!

This is the initial post of blackhacker.net. This site is going to be a place where I share what I know, what I learn, and my experiences in software development, as both a enthusiast and professional. Anything that I think will be helpful to others will here. This will also be where I announce developments of my side projects.

First announcement:

I have side projects! Everything I have will be hosted at my github account. And I will make all my public repos available under an open source license, probably MIT.

I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try to keep it interesting. I do want you to come back. :smile:

This is a static site, so the stuff you get with a dynamic site aren’t here, like comments, comment spam, and trolls. But if you really want to get at me you can email me at bh@blackhacker.net (yes I know this is old school) or you can tweet at me on @bh_blackhacker.