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Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast to End Web Traffic Jam –

Apparently Netflix decided to pay Comcast’s protection. Comcast must have made an offer they Netflix couldn’t refuse. This does not bode well for innovation in the future. I’m sure the other ISPs will also ask for their pound of flesh as well and they well again start coming for other making moves in this space. I’m looking at you Amazon.

This is why REAL Net Neutrality legislation is absolutely necessary. Scroll down to the link to see the best definition for what Net Neutrality is.

Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast to End Traffic Jam

Deal Ends Standoff Over Streaming, Would Give Netflix Direct Access to Comcast Systems


Netflix Inc. has agreed to pay Comcast Corp. to ensure Netflix movies and television shows stream smoothly to Comcast customers, a landmark agreement that could set a precedent for Netflix’s dealings with other broadband providers, people familiar with the situation said.

Net Neutrality


Target and other stores have a problem with a simple solution. They can not compete with Amazon on price. They simple don’t have the over head of running thousands of stores all over the country. They have an advantage that. Amazon simple doesn’t have. The shopper is sitting in the sore with his hands on the product. MAKE A DEAL!. I bet in most cases they wouldn’t even have to meet Amazon’s price. If they can get a little off and have it RIGHT NOW is HUGE!

Even better keep selling the Kindle, but every time someone seems interested, in one, offer and on the spot unadvertised discount for  a competitor’s product. Use Kindles to sell IPads. Home sellers have been doing this for EVER. You notice an open house one week end and that is exactly when your yard sign goes up.

Basically it comes down to Target forgetting how to sell. If you have an interested buy IN YOUR STORE, with the product IN HIS HAND, and you can’t figure out a away for him to leave with it, then YOU ARE THE WORST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD.


Target, signaling its growing irritation with its rival Amazon, announced on Wednesday that it would stop selling the online retailer’s Kindle e-readers.Enlarge This Image Matthew Staver/Bloomberg NewsUnpacking Kindle Fires at a Target in Denver in November. Target has sold Kindles since 2010.Add to IncTarget CorporationGo to your Portfolio »Target, with almost 1,800 stores, is one of the bigger carriers of Kindles in the offline world, though most of the devices are sold at Amazon’s Web site.Like other big retailers, Target has been trying to figure out how to stop Amazon shoppers from visiting Target stores to check out products, and then buy them online from Amazon. It is a practice encouraged by Amazon; over the Christmas holiday, for example, the company offered a promotion on its Price Check app that gave shoppers 5 percent off any item scanned at a store.

via Target, Upset With Amazon, Will Stop Selling Kindles –

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Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center

Someday Linux will no longer be an afterthought. Even to companies that rely so heavily on Linux for their products and internal processes.

The Google Drive launch has been one of the big announcements of the week, but it was a fairly unequivocal disappointment for one vocal category of users: Linux users are justifiably miffed that the new cloud storage service doesnt support the free and open source operating system.

via Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center.

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What Steve Jobs means to me – part I

One of the most important technology story of the last couple of  weeks was the passing of Steve Jobs. Over that time media has been commenting on how this one man’s vision changed how  our relationship with computers. Even if you never owned an Apple product you have benefited from his vision because Apple has been setting the standard for design since the second generation of iMacs came out about 10 or so years ago. Design is the legacy of Steve Jobs (though several news outlets make a point to say that this man invented stuff), moving it from an after thought to a core function of the product. He understood that useful, desired even needed  technology was not being adopted because it was hard to use, and there was not a common vocabulary for interacting with it. Before Apple, technology had to come with HUGE manuals that had to be studied to learn and understand the features. Key strokes had to be memorized. Navigation was not obvious. Remember the keyboard template that came with Word Perfect software? Now a days most tech come with relatively thin manuals if any. Any marginally computer literate person can open most software packages, even ones he isn’t familiar with and “figure out” how to use the major features. Apple did that with its “user-friendly” interface. Microsoft’s ubiquity only aided in this effect  when it copied this as part of Windows 3.1 and even more so as part of Windows95.

This is all to say, that if you LOVE your computer, you have this man to thank. As leader of Apple he made decisions that ONLY a man who dropped out of an Ivy League University so he could take calligraphy would make. On the face of it that seems insane but that is how the Universe works sometime. Serendipitous connections are made to produce wildly beautiful results.

Thanks Steve

Great interview of Entrepreneur Curtis Pope, CEO of

Black Web 2.0 posts a Robert Scoble interview of Curtis Pope, a young entrepreneur who founded, an online shopping site that helps you find items in the grocery store. This is really a great idea. Every time I go shopping, invariably two things happen:

  1. I grumble about how my wife can’t group things together on the grocery list that would be near each other in the store so I wouldn’t have to do a “full table scan” every time enter a new isle to see if there is something in this isle I need.
  2. I have to make a second pass through the store picking up the things that where in isle 3 but at the bottom of the list.


I have thought about about this problem several time but concluded that collecting the data would be too labor intensive, to make it worth while. I’m glad somebody else has tacked the problem and I wish you guys had data on the store that I use.

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I’m going to miss T-Mobile when it’s gone

AT&T has begun cracking down on those subscribers who are tethering their laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to their smart phones for Internet access. The company began sending texts and e-mails to those it suspects are doing so without subscribing to the carrier’s $45 per month DataPro plan.

via Unauthorized tetherers on AT&T being told to pay up | Wireless News – Betanews.

Let’s get this straight. I have a data plan that I pay for. It is not an unlimited data plan in the truest sense of the word. There is a limit to how much data I can consume in a given month. If i exceed that limit I must pay a overage charges. I have agreed to this. We are in business. Why would AT&T, or anyone for that matter, care if I share that bandwidth my laptop or my four friend’s laptops? I think I have decided that I will NOT be with AT&T after the merger.

T-Mobile 3G days are numbered

The big story in mobile today is about the AT&T T-Mobile merger. One thing this means for T-Mobile 3G customers is the loss of there 3G service. After the merger At&T plans to repurpose all of T-Mobile 3G spectrum for LTE 4G. At the very least T-Mobile 3G users will be stuck with 2G speed, if any access to data at all. I believe that is the case with the Nexus One, the phone that I have. Those of us who already have 3G phones, I think we have time to get decent use out of them before having to switch. It will take at least a year for the merger to be complete and the 3G to 4G conversion will take several years after that. So I wouldn’t panic. The merger in and of Itself is not a reason at this point to upgrade phone you phone or switch carriers. I don’t think I would at this point buy a NEW 3G phone from T-Mobile.

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