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Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center

Someday Linux will no longer be an afterthought. Even to companies that rely so heavily on Linux for their products and internal processes.

The Google Drive launch has been one of the big announcements of the week, but it was a fairly unequivocal disappointment for one vocal category of users: Linux users are justifiably miffed that the new cloud storage service doesnt support the free and open source operating system.

via Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center.

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RIP John McCarthy the father of LISP and modern AI

The American scientist invented the computer language LISP.

It went on to become the programming language of choice for the AI community, and is still used today.

Professor McCarthy is also credited with coining the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955 when he detailed plans for the first Dartmouth conference. The brainstorming sessions helped focus early AI research.

via BBC News – Artificial intelligence community mourns John McCarthy.

RIP Dennis Ritchie

After a long illness, Dennis Ritchie, father of Unix and an esteemed computer scientist, died last weekend at the age of 70.

Ritchie, also known as “dmr”, is best know for creating the C programming language as well as being instrumental in the development of UNIX along with Ken Thompson. Ritchie spent most of his career at Bell Labs, which at the time of his joining in 1967, was one of the largest phone providers in the U.S. and had one of the most well-known research labs in operation.

via Father Of C And UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, Passes Away At Age 70 | TechCrunch.


Dennis Ritchie is not a house hold name, he did not build a company that made revolutionary products. But he was one of the few people that you can say who’s  work was necessary for there to be a Steve Jobs, an Internet, a World Wide Web, a Linus Torvalds, a Linux, and basically all of the cool tech we enjoy in the 21st century.

BIG UP to for Rescatux !!!

As geeky as I  am, I am NOT much of an admin. I don’t mind firing up a text editor and set configs by hand and stuff, but my knowledge of how stuff works at a very low level is limited. And how to fix it when stuff goes wrong is even more limited. So when my laptop would  no longer boot, I got a little worried.

Trouble shooting the issue was difficult because a LOT of stuff was scrolling through the screen very fast and I could only see  the characters that where on the screen when the boot process was finally halted. I was praying it wasn’t hardware related. I had not backed up my laptop in a VERY long time. I didn’t want to loose work I was doing on a personal project I had. Also I don’t have any money to shell out for any new hardware, assuming the problem was JUST a bad drive. If it was on the board, that would mean a few hundred dollars to get it fixed, which isn’t worth it for this “hoopty” of a computer I have, or a few hundred MORE for a new computer all together, which I don’t have.

Anyway googling around for about a day. I finally found Rescatux mentioned in a forum. I gave it a shot and this puppy save my bacon with a quickness.

What is Rescatux?

It is a bootable liveCD that that will restore GRUB to your MBR and run fsck. That’s it. It is free software, as in both freedom and beer. You just download it and burn it to CD, or a thumb drive, if you computer can boot from it. It is self contained and will boot without touching your drive. A wizard with popup guiding you through the procedure and viola, it boots again.

I think this puppy should be in EVERYONES emergency kit. Drive and file system errors are probably the MAIN reason why systems crash.  And this provides a very simple and strait forward solution.

New app, Colors, raises eyebrows & $41 Million Dollars

Have you heard of Color? Me neither before a couple of days ago. I think what’s got people’s keyboards clicking around the blogosphere and thumbs taping about the twitterverse is the fact that they raise $41,000,000. It is an incredibly simple idea. It’s a mobile photo app that lets you share those pictures with people in proximity to you. I think whats really interesting is that it does this without GPS. It reads all kinds of other data from the phone and sends that data to the cloud where it determines that this group of people be at the same place. If you ask me THAT’S what’s worth 41 mil. Not the app it self. But the tech that makes it possible.

Mike Melenson at ReadWriteWeb agrees with me:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “no.” Color may have offered a terrible first impression for folks out in the boonies with nobody nearby, but it says it’s fixing that. It may have shot itself in the foot in terms of rising to the top of the App Store and raking in the new users. It may have even confused and annoyed the early adopter set with its puzzle-esque and sometimes serpentine design, but if it can really do what it proposes – change the way our social graph works by way of accurate location and proximity data – then none of that may matter

Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

Google, TELL US WHEN !

Waaaay back in December, @googlenexus tweeted that

The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks

It’s been about 4 of those weeks and still no update. Google insists that there is no unexpected problems. Though that is curious because there the widely reported random reboot bug, on the Nexus S,  the only phone shipping with Gingerbread.

Please  Google, don’t insult my intelligence. If everything is fine like you say, than give me date.  If not then just say “we’ll be late”. And in the mean time you could offer up a a beta for those adventurous enough to want what you got anyway. You guys are famous for having beta projects in the wild.

Anyway, I got tired of waiting. Last week I rooted my N1 and installed Cynogen_mod 7. Should have done that AGES ago. Some advice if you are going to go this route use super one click on a windows machine. I tried on a running it on my Ubuntu laptop with Mono and all I got where hours of frustration.

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