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Shellshock patch for OS/X

Since OS /X IS Unix distro, (actually its a BSD) that means it also susceptible to Shellshock vulnerability. I found this lengthy and pretty complicated fix for it. If you don’t want to wait for Apple issue a patch.  This

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More disturbing than this Security hole, sites are STILL using CGI

A security vulnerability was discovered in Bash, the preferred shell of most users of the *nix OSes including myself. The following is good explanation of what the problem is and why it is important: The root of the problem is

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Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center

Someday Linux will no longer be an afterthought. Even to companies that rely so heavily on Linux for their products and internal processes. The Google Drive launch has been one of the big announcements of the week, but it was

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You might remember that the guys from released a service that exposes thier data to all who want to use it. Well I build a simple API to uses this service. It is written in Java under the LGPL licence, so feel free to

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RIP John McCarthy the father of LISP and modern AI

The American scientist invented the computer language LISP. It went on to become the programming language of choice for the AI community, and is still used today. Professor McCarthy is also credited with coining the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955

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AisleFinder launches SupermarketAPI

Finding information on groceries at your favorite market like Whole Foods or Trader Joes can be a task. NewMe Accelerator startup, AisleFinder is making that task easier. They have launched a Supermarket API, an open source API for the grocery industry. via AisleFinder

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RIP Dennis Ritchie

After a long illness, Dennis Ritchie, father of Unix and an esteemed computer scientist, died last weekend at the age of 70. Ritchie, also known as “dmr”, is best know for creating the C programming language as well as being

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20 Years of Linux

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BIG UP to for Rescatux !!!

As geeky as I  am, I am NOT much of an admin. I don’t mind firing up a text editor and set configs by hand and stuff, but my knowledge of how stuff works at a very low level is limited. And

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New app, Colors, raises eyebrows & $41 Million Dollars

Have you heard of Color? Me neither before a couple of days ago. I think what’s got people’s keyboards clicking around the blogosphere and thumbs taping about the twitterverse is the fact that they raise $41,000,000. It is an incredibly

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