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What! Me Worry?

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RIP : Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012)

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Unacceptable Apple

Apple, and it customers have been trying to deal with there latest and greatest security threat, know as the Flashback malware.  Apple has finally released tool to identify and remove the malware from a system … for Lion users ONLY:

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Web Consistency Testing

This is pretty cool. I wonder if something like this could be put in an ant task. Dap: Open Philly

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Rick Rolled by Oregon Legislature

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20 Years of Linux

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If only this where true …

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T-Mobile to get Prepaid data

T-Mobile’s jump on to the prepaid data band-wagon has been leaked as eported by Engadget. The three plans  available would be: $10 for week, Capped at 100MB $30 for a Month, Capped at 300MB $50 for a Month, Capped at 1GB

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TiVo Slide Remote

I want this … TiVo Slide Remote review – Engadget Galleries.

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