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Unacceptable Apple

Apple, and it customers have been trying to deal with there latest and greatest security threat, know as the Flashback malware.  Apple has finally released tool to identify and remove the malware from a system … for Lion users ONLY:

In its ongoing battle to clean up the Flashback malware mess, Apple has now released a standalone removal tool.

The downloadable utility is available exclusively for Mac owners running OS X Lion. It will not run on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or earlier versions.

A description and download link are available here. The accompanying security bulletin says “This update is recommended for all OS X Lion users without Java installed.”


It is bad enough that because Apple controls it update process so much so tightly that when 3rd party security updates are released that they are not pushed to users in a more timely fashion. But when a fix is made available it is ONLY available those running the very latest major release of OS X even when ALL releases of OS X that care Java are effected. Just me but I think that if you are going to spend money software security support should be available to at least the last 2 major releases. Just sayin’

T-Mobile to get Prepaid data

T-Mobile’s jump on to the prepaid data band-wagon has been leaked as eported by Engadget. The three plans  available would be:

  1. $10 for week, Capped at 100MB
  2. $30 for a Month, Capped at 300MB
  3. $50 for a Month, Capped at 1GB

IDK. Seems kinda pricey even for prepaid plans.  If your like me, not in a contract but month to month, you don’t have a compelling reason to switch to prepaid. Not if these are the plans they offer.

Check your privacy settings on Facebook

Using publicly available information on Facebook, a researcher has been able to gather personal details of nearly 170 million users of the service, or about a third of all users. The data includes names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, and birthdays: essentially anything that was not marked as private is now part of this file.

The file has now ended up on The Pirate Bay, and so far has seen over 10,000 downloads. This could mean hackers would have an easy way to obtain personal information necessary for identity theft and other malicious uses.

via Personal data of 170 million Facebook users exposed, collected, and shared without any hacking | Security News – Betanews.