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Brand.net Sells New Media Ads Those Used to the Old

With every passing day, the computer display steals more eyeballs from the TV screen. So why do TV ad budgets still dwarf Internet ad budgets at major corporations? One reason is that major corporations are simply more comfortable with how TV advertising is done. TV ads are sold well in advance, because most TV shows are made well in advance. The Web, by contrast, is constantly in flux. Nobody knows what tomorrow’s content will be, much less tomorrow’s ad prices. Behemoths like to move slowly but surely, and the Internet is anything but slow.

via A Futures Market For Online Ads | Fast Company.

emphasis mine

This makes about as much sense to me as putting a horse shoes on Hyndai. Making business models from the 21st century work like ones from the 20th might be a good transition plan but eventually you MUST adapter to the new climate or the cometition will take you lunch. But I see Band.nets customers have decied to hand over there lunch willingly to them.