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Android Wear Dev preview is HERE!

Google jumped into the smartwatch market Tuesday, revealing a version of its Android operating system to work on wearable devices. The project dubbed Android Wear — focused first on smartwatches — delivers notifications for information such as sports scores, weather

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I’m definitely not sticking with AT&T after the merger

I just caught this from Everything Android: Let’s get this straight people. If I by a a piece of hardware. It’s MY piece of hardware. And it is correct for my to run ANY piece of software that I legally

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Google, TELL US WHEN !

Waaaay back in December, @googlenexus tweeted that The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks It’s been about 4 of those weeks and still no update. Google insists that there is no unexpected problems. Though that is curious because

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Gingerbread SDK available for download now

Google just released the Android 2.3 SDK, but the new operating system will not be available until December 16th when the Nexus S goes on sale or the next few weeks when it hits the Nexus One via How to

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Rumor has it that Amazon may build it’s own Android App Store

Similar to Verizon’s bold move it looks as it Amazon may be considering to launch it’s on App store on Android devices. To compete with Google’s own, and Verizon’s VCAST app store the Amazon app store will offer some perks

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Using Proguard to obfuscate your Android build

The Securing Android LVL Applications blog post makes it clear that an Android developer should use an obfuscation tool such as Proguard in order to help safeguard their applications when using License Server. Of course, this does present another question.

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Suspect Developer Collect data through Wallpaper App

Lookout’s “App Genome Project” is an ongoing study of the millions of mobile applications available, the user data that they collect, and threats they present. During their research for the project, the team found a series of simple Wallpaper apps

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