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I’m going to miss T-Mobile when it’s gone

AT&T has begun cracking down on those subscribers who are tethering their laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to their smart phones for Internet access. The company began sending texts and e-mails to those it suspects are doing so without subscribing to the carrier’s $45 per month DataPro plan.

via Unauthorized tetherers on AT&T being told to pay up | Wireless News – Betanews.

Let’s get this straight. I have a data plan that I pay for. It is not an unlimited data plan in the truest sense of the word. There is a limit to how much data I can consume in a given month. If i exceed that limit I must pay a overage charges. I have agreed to this. We are in business. Why would AT&T, or anyone for that matter, care if I share that bandwidth my laptop or my four friend’s laptops? I think I have decided that I will NOT be with AT&T after the merger.

T-Mobile 3G days are numbered

The big story in mobile today is about the AT&T T-Mobile merger. One thing this means for T-Mobile 3G customers is the loss of there 3G service. After the merger At&T plans to repurpose all of T-Mobile 3G spectrum for LTE 4G. At the very least T-Mobile 3G users will be stuck with 2G speed, if any access to data at all. I believe that is the case with the Nexus One, the phone that I have. Those of us who already have 3G phones, I think we have time to get decent use out of them before having to switch. It will take at least a year for the merger to be complete and the 3G to 4G conversion will take several years after that. So I wouldn’t panic. The merger in and of Itself is not a reason at this point to upgrade phone you phone or switch carriers. I don’t think I would at this point buy a NEW 3G phone from T-Mobile.

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