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Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast to End Web Traffic Jam –

Apparently Netflix decided to pay Comcast’s protection. Comcast must have made an offer they Netflix couldn’t refuse. This does not bode well for innovation in the future. I’m sure the other ISPs will also ask for their pound of flesh

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No Net Neutrality provisions in the Comcast NBC deal?

Comcast will retain NBC’s stake in Hulu, but is stripped of control January 18, 2011 |  1:49 pm Call it the Hulu Handcuff. The federal government is making sure that Comcast Corp. won’t be able to use its newfound clout when

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Comcast Pressures Netflix, Partner Level 3, to pay a bandwidth Toll

If anyone is at all wondering why Net Neutrality is essential to a free and open Internet I give you exhibit A Level 3, who recently signed a deal to become the primary provider for streaming Netflix content, was pressured

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