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Google, TELL US WHEN !

Waaaay back in December, @googlenexus tweeted that

The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks

It’s been about 4 of those weeks and still no update. Google insists that there is no unexpected problems. Though that is curious because there the widely reported random reboot bug, on the Nexus S,  the only phone shipping with Gingerbread.

Please  Google, don’t insult my intelligence. If everything is fine like you say, than give me date.  If not then just say “we’ll be late”. And in the mean time you could offer up a a beta update.zip for those adventurous enough to want what you got anyway. You guys are famous for having beta projects in the wild.

Anyway, I got tired of waiting. Last week I rooted my N1 and installed Cynogen_mod 7. Should have done that AGES ago. Some advice if you are going to go this route use super one click on a windows machine. I tried on a running it on my Ubuntu laptop with Mono and all I got where hours of frustration.

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