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Android Wear Dev preview is HERE!

Google jumped into the smartwatch market Tuesday, revealing a version of its Android operating system to work on wearable devices. The project dubbed Android Wear — focused first on smartwatches — delivers notifications for information such as sports scores, weather

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Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way | PCWorld Business Center

Someday Linux will no longer be an afterthought. Even to companies that rely so heavily on Linux for their products and internal processes. The Google Drive launch has been one of the big announcements of the week, but it was

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Google, TELL US WHEN !

Waaaay back in December, @googlenexus tweeted that The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks It’s been about 4 of those weeks and still no update. Google insists that there is no unexpected problems. Though that is curious because

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Nexus One is Google’s new Developer Phone

We’ve always offered unlocked phones for direct sale to registered Android Developers. As of today, the Developer Phone is the Nexus One, at a price of $529. To see the details or order a phone, you need to sign in

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