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New app, Colors, raises eyebrows & $41 Million Dollars

Have you heard of Color? Me neither before a couple of days ago. I think what’s got people’s keyboards clicking around the blogosphere and thumbs taping about the twitterverse is the fact that they raise $41,000,000. It is an incredibly

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I’m definitely not sticking with AT&T after the merger

I just caught this from Everything Android: Let’s get this straight people. If I by a a piece of hardware. It’s MY piece of hardware. And it is correct for my to run ANY piece of software that I legally

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I’m going to miss T-Mobile when it’s gone

AT&T has begun cracking down on those subscribers who are tethering their laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to their smart phones for Internet access. The company began sending texts and e-mails to those it suspects are doing so without

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T-Mobile 3G days are numbered

The big story in mobile today is about the AT&T T-Mobile merger. One thing this means for T-Mobile 3G customers is the loss of there 3G service. After the merger At&T plans to repurpose all of T-Mobile 3G spectrum for

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RIM and Mobile Carriers fight to hold our leashes

Near Field communication will soon come to mobile phones later this year. This technology can be used to enslave us. How this tech is implemented will decide who our master will be. Enslave is a strong word. But let me

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MetroPCS 4G Data Blocking Plans May Violate Net Neutrality | Epicenter |

This is why STRONG, FAIR, CLEAR Net-Neutrality rules need to be drafted. MetroPCS, the nation’s fifth largest mobile carrier, announced earlier this week it was offering new pay-as-you-go mobile data plans for its 4G network that would block online video

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Rumor has it that Amazon may build it’s own Android App Store

Similar to Verizon’s bold move it looks as it Amazon may be considering to launch it’s on App store on Android devices. To compete with Google’s own, and Verizon’s VCAST app store the Amazon app store will offer some perks

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Do you here this T-Mobile !!!

Verizon strengthened its prepaid offerings on Thursday, introducing prepay data plans for consumers who wish to use smart phones on a no contract basis. While the acquisition costs for those phones will be significantly higher, a customer would be free

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Nexus One is Google’s new Developer Phone

We’ve always offered unlocked phones for direct sale to registered Android Developers. As of today, the Developer Phone is the Nexus One, at a price of $529. To see the details or order a phone, you need to sign in

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The 5 do’s and don’ts when your phone gets wet

Smart phones have ceased to be trivial communication devices. We uses them to manage our relationships and run our businesses. We document important events with them and reveal our secretes to them. These devices are now extremely important.

They are also extremely expensive. Think about it. These devices that you can put in your shirt pocket can cost three or four hundred dollars. Most of us “finance” them by signing up with a carrier for 2 years, and at rates that are higher than those that own thier phones outright. We are invested heavily in these little bobbles of cool. This is a testament to the utility of mobile devices, why we pay such a dear price if they were not useful, and in some cases necessary.

So, when we do something stupid, like … jump into a pool while forgetting you put the phone in your pocket, it is not a trivial thing. I did such a stupid thing, just this passed week while on vacation. I was fortunate. I brought my laptop, and the hotel had wifi. So after Googling around I found stories of others doing similar things to mine: dropping them in water, running them though the washing machine. In most of the cases the phone came out fine, if they did the following 5 things

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