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RIM and Mobile Carriers fight to hold our leashes

Near Field communication will soon come to mobile phones later this year. This technology can be used to enslave us. How this tech is implemented will decide who our master will be.

Enslave is a strong word. But let me tell you what I mean. The next big thing you will be able to do with your phone is pay for stuff. You wave your phone over a little pad and TADOW, you just paid for stuff. The argument is over where the credentials will be stored. Here is and article from WSJ that explains:

The carriers say they want to encrypt and store the credentials in the phones SIM card, the small chips placed in the back of phones to activate access to mobile networks. SIM cards can be easily swapped from phone to phone. Such a system provides a single payment hub that doesnt depend on what kind of phone you have, the carriers argue.RIM wants the credentials built into a secure area of the BlackBerry itself, which would bind users to its devices and potentially cut carriers out of the loop, according to officials representing some of the carriers. RIM is already reaching out to banks on its own, these people say.

via RIM, Carriers Fight Over Digital Wallet – WSJ.com.

RIM, who makes the highly successful, but quickly becoming irrelevant, Blackberry wants it stored on the phone. Why? Because if your payment credentials are on your phone, you are less likely to get another phone. <sarcasm> And I’m sure RIM will make is SUPER EASY to transfer those credentials to your Nexus S.</sarcasm> And Blackberries stay relevant for another 18 months. The mobile Carriers, on the other hand, want it stored on the your SIM. So when you upgrade your phone it is as easy as swapping SIM. Still making it hard to switch carriers because phone companies will have the same attitude about transferring credentials as RIM probably will.

I say (and I’m sure people will listen to me) neither. Put it on the flash memory.  RIM if you want to stay relevant than do relevant things. You are still the man in the enterprise market but total slept on the consumer market. Until it was too late and Apple came and took the hole thing.

What can I say about mobile companies, I hate you all. Your business model is not one of providing the BEST service, and BEST experience for customers.  You use phones as a the bait for your trap which are the contracts we must agree to in order for afford the handsets. I for one don’t want another way for a company to trap me.

So, I want control of the credentials myself. I want to be able to see the file, copy it, back it up, and move it to any device I want. And when my phone has lost its luster, and they all do, and my carrier disappoints, and they all do, I can take that data and move where I wish. Freedom at it’s most basic level is the ability to leave. The way the mobile industry is structected right now there is no freddom for the consumer. Maybe I was wrong earlier. Maybe ‘enslave’ isn’t too strong of a word.